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AceCo Industrial Knives understands the unique challenges food processors face in trying to achieve goals for quality, output and profitability. AceCo’s unique expertise and capabilities, developed over the past 25 years of serving the food processing industry, can help food processors address challenges and meet their goals.

Focusing only on knives, AceCo Industrial Knives can deliver exceptional savings, quality and design to your knife needs. AceCo has been manufacturing knives for over 25 years, so we have the experience and research to create a knife to the customers’ specifications or match an existing design.

AceCo’s commitment to providing every customer with the highest quality knives available is at the heart of our sales, design, and manufacturing processes.

Our dedication to quality starts with training of new employees, and continues with ongoing training for all employees to improve and develop skills. Every employee is responsible for the quality of the parts produced at AceCo. This dependable employee training and accountability is at the heart of our quality programs.

As a dedicated knife manufacturer, every aspect of our manufacturing processes is conceived and built around delivering the best knives possible. Each manufacturing operation is designed to deliver the most accurate and durable cutting edges. Each machine at AceCo is either built or specifically adapted to produce the quality required in every knife we make.

AceCo sources raw material from suppliers around the globe, vetting both the materials and suppliers to ensure each knife starts with consistent quality. Knives and components requiring heat treatment are processed at AceCo, under supervision of our staff metallurgist.

The final component of our quality system is the tools we use for inspection and process control.

AceCo monitors the sharpness of our finished knives with machines from Anago Ltd. and CATRA. The sharpness testers provide a quantitative measure of sharpness, ensuring optimal and consistent sharpness in each knife we produce. The sharpness testers are also vital tools in AceCo’s continuous improvement efforts for both manufacturing processes and equipment.

AceCo also employs a Keyence measurement system, used to monitor and control the edge geometry of our knives. This high-accuracy, laser-based system provides data on the key dimensions of the cutting edge to ensure dependable, accurate knives. The Keyence system is used to support both manufacturing and product development at AceCo.