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TunnelBlocks & CutterHeads

Accurate, durable knife blocks and cutter heads that processors worldwide depend on to drive their cutting operations

AceCo tunnel knife blocks and cutter heads are designed and built to meet the demands for performance and longevity in modern potato processing operations.

    • Durable blocks built for high-volume operations
      AceCo blocks and heads are constructed specifically to withstand the tough conditions of processing lines for years of steady use
    • Consistent, accurate cutting performance every time
      AceCo blocks & heads start with precise designs, which are then meticulously fabricated to deliver precise cutting performance on a consistent basis.
    • Blocks & heads that are built to fit your existing equipment
      AceCo designs and makes knife blocks and cutter heads to fit the customer’s existing equipment, upgrading cutting systems and improving cutting performance without the need for costly equipment upgrades.

AceCo knife blocks and cutting heads are designed and built to deliver consistent, accurate cutting performance in non-stop, tough conditions of a modern potato processing plant.

AceCo designs each knife block and cutter head to not only meet the customer’s specific product and performance requirements, but to do so while fitting into their existing hydro-cutting system.  AceCo blocks and heads are used everyday into cutting systems from the biggest names in potato processing equipment, including:

Southern Field Welding (IMF)®
Vanmark (GME)®

AceCo can produce also deliver knife blocks and cutter heads for custom or specialty applications. AceCo designs and fabricates custom blocks and cutters to fit seamlessly into our customer’s existing equipment, making a new or custom potato product more cost-effective and practical than you might imagine.

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