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The next-generation improvement of cutting blocks for potato processing

The patented StrapSlicer cutting system delivers improvements for cut quality, process recovery, and operating costs, all in an easy-to-use tension cutting system.

    • Improved cutting performance and recovery
      Reduce feathering and breakage over conventional cutting blocks – as well as other tension cutting systems – with the thin cutting strap.
    • World’s best broken blade detection system
      A patented broken blade detection system, built directly into each StrapSlicer, uses air pressure to maximize reliability under the unique conditions of potato processing lines.
    • Easy to use and maintain
      Each cutter requires just two straps, which can be easily changed to have the StrapSlicer production-ready in under five minutes.
    • Economical for any potato facility to operate
      A longer service life and lower replacement knife costs vs a traditional knife blocks makes the StrapSlicer a cost-effective way to improve cutting performance for any potato processor.

Unique Cutting Strap

The un-sharpened strap produces less feathering and breakage in the finished product versus sharpened knives, and makes both handling and installation easier.   Each strap is pre-formed strap to facilitate quicker installation, and only two straps are needed for any cut size.

Broken Knife Dectection

The ONLY potato cutting knife block available with broken blade detection, built into every StrapSlicer. The patented design is safe and reliable in wet plant environments, and can be easily adapted to trigger switcher systems and/or alarms.

Right Size & Lightweight

The StrapSlicer is sized to fit most cutting systems without requiring modifications to  the customers’ equipment. Though constructed for durability, each units weights a mere 13 pounds when fully assembled.

Simple, Durable System

No loose assembly parts to remove or lose during strap changes.  No spacers to mismatch during setup. Made with heat-treated, high-strength stainless steel, the StrapSlicer is built to deliver thousands of hours of accurate in tough plant environments.

The most econmical strap slicer on the market

Detection, assembly, low maintenance and durability. Saves processors product waste, employee time and no inventoried parts required.


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