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Save money on knives made to deliver performance and durability in your packaging and bagging equipment.

Food processors can benefit from fit and performance like OEM parts, without paying a premium price, using AceCo knives in their packaging and bagging equipment.

  • REAL cost savings on the replacement knives you need
    Customers can save up to 30% over OEM & other after-market suppliers on high quality knives for use in the most common packaging & bagging equipment.
  • Knives that fit and perform to keep your line running
    AceCo knives are designed and fabricated to fit seamlessly into your packaging equipment and deliver durable, quality performance.
  • The knives you need, available when you need them
    Food processors can partner with AceCo to develop a flexible purchase or stocking agreement to help provide cost savings, knife availability, or both
  • Custom knives designed and built for innovation or improvement
    Partner with AceCo to design and make knives to solve a pressing problem, for use in a special applications, or to turn your idea into a market-changing new product.

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Packaging Knives Tooth Geometries


The tooth pattern is cut on only one face of the knife, while the backside is flat.



The teeth are created by cutting two distinctly different tooth patterns on the knife, one on the front and one on the back.


Double Bevel

The tooth pattern cut on each side of the knife is identical, creating teeth shaped like a pyramid.


Back Bevel

The tooth pattern is cut on the front side of the knife, while on the back side, a smaller back bevel is ground.


Coatings for Knife Performance Improvement

AceCo offers customers the option of food-grade TiN (titanium nitride) coating to improve wear-resistance and extend knife life.  Contact AceCo to discuss your application and whether or not coating makes sense for your specific application.