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ABL Part Number Cross Reference

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AceCo Part Number Part Description ABL Part Number
K15-1936 ABL Cup Knife, 70mm | TiN Coating  237.00.437
K15-3201 ABL Cup Knife, 40mm | TiN Coating  237.00.659
K15-4127 ABL Cup Knife, 70mm | NO Coating  237.00.437NC
K15-4549 ABL Cup Knife, 40mm | NO Coating  237.00.659NC
K15-1829 2mm x 100mmR Knife – LEFT 237.00.094
K15-2084 2mm x 100mmR Knife – RIGHT 237.00.458
K15-2085 2mm x 140mmR Knife – LEFT 237.00.374
K15-2086 2mm x 140mmR Knife – RIGHT 237.00.456
K15-1832 ABL Internal Flower Knife, RH 237.00.016
K15-2272 ABL Internal Flower Knife, LH 237.00.020
B14-322 Circular Knife | 330mm x 25mm x 1.5mm   237.00.301
B14-323 Circular Knife | 240mm x 30mm x 1.5mm  237.00.078
B14-324 Circular Knife | 380mm x 25.1mm x 1.5mm  237.00.424
K15-1833 Ring Cutter Knife* 237.00.018
K15-2970 0.4mm Chip Breaker Rotary Knife (CCW)* 237.00.017
K15-2971 0.4mm Chip Breaker Rotary Knife (CW)* 237.00.028
K15-2489 73mm Angle Knife 237.00.568
K15-1830 Angle Knife with Spacer  237.00.005
K15-1831 Knife with Spacer  237.00.007